In2Matrix Broker Services LLC 

Insurance broker 'In2Matrix Broker Services' LLC (Licence СБ-Ю No 4239) started its operations in 2010. In2Matrix Broker Services LLC is an international full-service broker and a daughter company of In2Matrix LLC. Insurance broker 'In2Matrix Broker Services' LLC does not participate in the capital of insurance companies in any form.

In2Matrix Broker Services LLC assists clients in quantifying and managing risk in order to help them discover new growth opportunities. We consult with clients, both big and small, on defining, developing, and implementing innovative solutions for better quantification and management of risk. In2Matrix Broker Services LLC provides insurance solutions for domestic and international clients, employee benefits and clients in industrial risks, commercial real estate, financial institutions, D&O, as well as the sport and entertainment industries. We provide a strong mix of deep intellectual capital, global experience, industry expertise, and close collaboration for every client interaction.